Sebastian Bergeret Monday, 14:00 - 14:30
Magneto-electric effects in superconducting hybrid structures with spin-orbit coupling
Spin-dependent fields acting on superconductivity lead to intriguing phenomena related to the singlet-triplet conversion of the superconducting condensate[1,2]. In the presence of spin-orbit coupling this conversion is the analog to the charge-spin coupling in normal systems. The singlet-triplet coupling leads to the superconducting counterparts of magneto-electric effects, like the Spin-Hall (SHE) and the Edelstein (EE) effects[4-5]. In a Josephson junction with spin-orbit coupling one can establish a direct connection between the inverse EE, also known as the spin-galvanic effect, and the appearance of an anomalous phase shift φ0 in the current-phase relation [3-4].
In this talk I will present a theoretical framework to discuss all the above magneto-electric effects in disorder superconducting structures with intrinsic and extrinsic spin-orbit coupling.

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