Maura Sassetti Tuesday, 11:15 - 11:45
Out of equilibrium dynamics of single electron injection in interacting topological channels
The possibility of injecting single electrons into ballistic conductors is at the basis of the new field of electron quantum optics and allows to test dynamical quantum transport at the single electron level.
Coherent single electron sources has been indeed realized either with driven mesoscopic capacitors or by applying carefully-engineered time dependent voltage pulses.
In this talk we will focus on the first implementation by considering single electron injection process into interacting topological one-dimensional channels, such as the quantum spin Hall edge states.
It is shown that the unavoidable presence of electron-electron interactions affects the time evolution of the injected charge and energy wave packet dynamics, leading also to their fractionalization. Stronger signatures are found for the injected energy, which is also affected by the finite width of the tunneling region.
We elucidate the dynamics of fractionalization by calculating the non-equilibrium electron distribution function in momentum and energy domains. The results shed light on how fractionalization occurs via the creation of particle-hole pairs by the injected electron.