Jerome Cayssol Wednesday, 11:15 - 11:45
Conductance of graphene based transistors under electromagnetic driving
In this talk, i will present our results on the bulk conductance of ballistic graphene transistors driven by an electromagnetic wave (typically in the THz range). The differential conductance is investigated as function of the carrier density (of the non irradiated graphene) and as function of the driving strength.
We focus on the doped regime where strong suppressions of the bulk conductance are obtained for several broad ranges of doping. These conductance dips are related to the emergence of gaps in the Floquet quasi-energy spectrum, leading to a transport dominated by evanescent waves in the conduction channel of the transistor. Besides, in the undoped regime, we have also studied how the so-called minimum conductance of the transistor evolves when the driving strength is increased. In conclusion, we will discuss typical parameters values for the observation of the predicted effects in realist samples.